Advantages And Disadvantages Of Monogamy Essay

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In this essay we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both men and women who practice monogamy, polygyny, and polyandry and arranged marriages versus individual choices. In society there are many forms of marriages through different cultures. Some of these forms of marriages are monogamy, polygyny, and polyandry, arranged marriages and individual choice marriages. Though each form of marriage has its advantages and disadvantages, these particular forms of marriages let families form and function within the predesigned rules and laws of their society for such obligations as sex, labor, property, child-rearing, exchange and cultural status. The first type of marriage we will discuss is monogamy. Monogamy is defined as, “marriage in which both partners have just one spouse”. Monogamy marriage is the most practiced form of marriage across the world, and it is the only legally allowed form of marriage in the United States and Europe. The advantages to monogamy in the United States are that this single relationship of two individuals allows for a smaller family unit, usually containing only the two parents and their children. In monogamist marriages, it is easier for the parents to care for their household requirements and their children, thereby being independent, which is looked upon as being appropriate in these societies. The disadvantages of monogamy types of marriages are that in harsh economic times there are less people in the household to help…

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