Advantages And Disadvantages Of Colonialism Essay

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Register to read the introduction… But if we look at the world today, some interesting scenarios emerged. While some countries took what they learnt from their coloniser, i.e. technological advancement, and used it to its own advantage, some even manage to surpass its past oppressor. On the other hand, there are countries which struggled or is still struggling, in civil wars, in economic upheavals, and various other problems. What is often used as scape goat for these countries' current reality is... Colonialism. If the white men did not come to our country and ruin everything... If the white men did not take away our natural resources... If the white men...

Surely, we've all heard of such hypotheses. But my question is: What sets the successful previous colonies apart from the rest? Why are they not complaining about the white men? And what was done differently that make them successful today? Some examples: India, colonised by the British, was ruled by a "young" country compared to its rich & long history. But according to one Indian
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It was colonised by Japan in the 19th Century. Taiwan was rich in natural resources, such as coal, timbre and fishery. It also provided staple food supply, i.e. rice, sugar, during the Second World War. In fact, Japan would have exited the War much sooner, if it did not have food and other much needed supply to fuel its war in Asia. But Taiwan's later success was based on the foundation of what the Japanese left behind. Basic education meaning high literacy rate, with a strong elite - doctors, lawyers, bankers, economists, artists, etc. Japan also established telephone lines and road systems; upgraded railroad systems. Although Japan invested in all these infrastructural developments for its own strategic presence on the island. The people of Taiwan was able to use these to its own

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