Essay about Advantages and Disadvantages Giving Aid

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Our world now is divided into develop and develop and developing countries. The one who achieved the process countries are those which are in the process of development. (Ashwath Komath, April 19, 2010). According to (Andrew Page, 2005) Foreign Aid or Official Development Assistance (ODA) is a transfer of resources on concessional terms which are undertaken by official agencies. Mostly, the countries that receive foreign aid are usually developing countries. Poverty is the main focus of giving the foreign aid. This situation always happened to many countries due to the conditions where the people live and from that it will show the quality of living is poor among the people. Foreign aid is given to poor countries that having a limited …show more content…
Everyday in the news, we see a develop country give aid to the developing countries to help its development. The aid is given so that the country may develop well. This is regarded as a good investment by the developed country as they are given a good credibility status and also benefit through various ways. The advantages of giving foreign aid to poor countries are, short term aid can include food, clothes, shelter and medical supplies needed after a natural disaster, civil war, tsunami, earthquake and others. In addition, long term and aid should try to encourage poorer countries to become increasingly self-sufficient and independent. This might be achieved through improving education and health and growing higher crops for their own use rather than for except, developing small-scale sustainable industries using appropriate technology and encouraging the MEDC’s to buy more products rather than setting up tariffs. (Andrew Page, pg 95).
Provision of medical training medicines and equipment can improve health and standard of living. Next advantages are, the using of concept of global citizenship which means, people must help each other and try to improve the quality of life for everyone as people live in the same world. Emergency aid in times of disaster also can give life. Aid also helps rebuild livelihoods and housing after disaster. According to (Aswath Komath,

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