Advantages And Approaches Of A Sample's Characteristics

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Sample’s Characteristics
Our target population are respondents who are preferably the primary purchaser in their household and have some knowledge regarding EF products. The more accurately we are able to have our sample represent this population, the more accurate our final results will be. Since our main sampling method uses the convenience approach, the majority of our sample will be UFV students. Our working population, the UFV students, represent the multicultural aspect of our target population well. UFV has a variety of students from different cultural backgrounds; therefore, they will have different ingrained values and attitudes towards EF products. However, due to the mean age of students are likely lies on the younger side, this
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Our team has decided, due to our time, resource and money constraints, the nonprobability methods: convenience sampling and snowball sampling, would be best suited for our research. We found that the other nonprobability sampling methods, judgment and quota sampling, were not particularly relevant to our research. In addition to that, we will make use of the mall intercept survey approach. Each method comes with its own advantages and disadvantages.
Advantages of our Sampling
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This will allow the probability of any member of the population to be unknown. The advantages to using this method is that using this method is best suited for a specific research purpose; this allows us to gain specific research in regards to EF products. It is also cheaper and much easier for us to conduct a non-probability sample. Our limitations on this research aided in choosing non-probability sampling. Convenience sampling will also be used in our sampling plan. We will choose the units that are most conveniently available at the time. This will allow us to obtain our results conveniently and economically. With the convenience sampling technique, the survey can be conducted in a short period of time. This happens because we don 't conduct an extensive research process of the entire population, but we aim to gather primary data on a topic by asking a handful of easily approachable people. Another advantage of convenience sampling is that it allows us to swiftly gather our data and conduct a faster analysis. The snowball sampling technique will be used as well, it will be helpful in finding participants who are the main purchasers in EF products and having their friends complete the survey because they may have knowledge on EF products. This is because it may be hard to find units who have enough knowledge on EF products. However, the snowballing technique

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