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Beard Oil – Grooming Beard The Manly Way Beard characterizes a manly man. It distinguishes a man from a boy and displays the maturity through the facial appearance. Be it following the celebrity style, designing the facial hair according to current trend or formulating a unique style statement, facial hair has innumerable utilities. Interestingly, not having a properly groomed beard develops a repulsive appearance. To get that proper grooming session, beard oil is the ideal choice of a mature man. Beard or facial hair is not much different from scalp hair. It needs protection, treatment and care. When discussing grooming, people start telling about hair styles, dressing, and postures and so on. Some go to the extent of trimming or styling …show more content…
• It is ideal for sensitive skin.
• Several beard oil promotes the growth of facial hair and makes it denser.
After some detail discussion of the advantages of the oil, one can obviously be inquisitive about the content or the chemical composition of the oil. It is always important to know the composition before starting the application. Some of the oils that are used in making of the beard oil as follows:
Essential Oil: Essential oil is one of the most fragrant beard oil available in the market. It is completely natural and is extracted from the barks, roots and leaves of plants. The fragrance of the oil is categorized into three types depending on the strength of the aroma. The oil very easily penetrates deep into the skin. It includes pinewood, sandal oil, tea tree oil and many more. Essential oils are volatile, so when using for making the beard oil it is mixed with non-volatile carrier oils.
Argan Oil:
Extracted from the Argan tree, the oil is rich in vitamins, fatty acids and antioxidants. It clears the skin toxins and also eliminated split ends.
Castor Oil:
Extracted from the seeds, the oil promotes hair growth and helps to cure the facial infections.
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The oil has vitamins along with a number of minerals like iodine, selenium, chromium and copper. It moisturizes, causes anti-fungal activity and also helps one to have relief from sun burn.
Grape seed Oil:
Mostly used for cosmetics, this oil helps the skin to tighten, stops flecking of skin and helps the skin to have youthful glow.
Almond Oil:
It is a store house of vitamins like Vitamin E, B1, B6, A, B2 and D.
Other than these, coconut oil, soya bean oil and corn oil is also used in making of beard oil.
Every person is different and so one can choose beard oil depending on the skin type and the climatic condition of the place and aromatic preference. Beardology Trinity, Bearded Chap Original, Blackbird, Tree Ranger, Burroughs are some of the best versions of beard oil available in the market. It should always be kept in mind that the best time to use the beard oil is after proper cleansing of the skin.
Beard enhances the sense of manhood. Taking good care of it shows the responsible nature of the man. Beard oil is the ideal product for manly grooming of the beard and responsible styling of the facial

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