Advantages And Disadvantages Of Native Americans

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Native Americans and Africans were used to benefit the colonists that arrived to the New World. Treatments towards the Natives and Africans were inhuman and cruel. Slavery had existed long before the 1490s, but Indians being used as slaves was rare. The arrival of the Europeans had caused Africans kidnapped from their home and Natives had their homeland snatched from them. Both civilizations rights did not exist anymore. Native Americans and Africans were not treated equally by the new settlers because of the power held by the settlers.
Indians were left out from being one of the civilizations that had made the new nation because they had “not crossed the ocean” (Merrell 537). The Natives had already lived on the land and established civilizations
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When the land was received, “the settlers wanted control over the Indians and had attempted to convert Indians to Christianity” (After the Mayflower). The Natives were not able to fight back because they knew the Europeans will fight back. Another disadvantage for the Native Americans was that they were still weak. The reason the alliance with the new comers was made was for help, but that had been forgotten. The colonists were appreciative to get the Indians assistance as were the Indians, but wealth came in the way. To survive the Natives became Christians because of the control the Europeans had on them. The land was gone from the Indians and had nowhere to go, so they had no right to say anything and became obedient to the Europeans. The arrival of Spanish was not easy for the Indians either because they forced Indians to work in gold and silver mines (Voices, Doc. 2). The Indians quietly worked in horrible conditions because they needed the money to pay for their families. Native Americans always had the worry of their families so they endured the unnecessary treatment. The Europeans and Spanish treated the Native Americans as slaves. Yet, the Native Americans were not termed as slaves. Natives were once landowners turned into laborers on their own

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