Ethnographic Study Of Entrepreneurship: Startup Companies

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Entrepreneurship is the new concept is growing day by day among youngsters in the country. The cut throat competition in Corporate Sector, limited opportunities in Government Sector, jobs insecurity, work pressures etc. make youth motivated towards the entrepreneurial field. So, in this scenario role of startups can be considered as vital and important. Beginning with the last decade of the 20th century, globalization, liberalization and technological advances change the way of doing business across the world bring various opportunities. Basically, startup is a concept that grooms the entrepreneurial qualities and capabilities of a person, creates more employment opportunities for others, gives strength to the economy of a country and offers different new concepts to the customers and market. Due to the help of e-commerce and Internet usage the consistent boom in the startup industry can be seen currently which gives a platform and unlimited opportunities to future potential entrepreneurs to prove their capabilities.
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Lack of Certainity:- A business is always a high risk-factor game. So, if you are running a business you can not sure about anything like profit or loss, returns, income, any other factors etc.

Future Prospects of Startup Companies in India
In India, there is a sufficient scope for online and offline companies to exist as consumer base is very large here and different in terms of their needs, expectations and purchase characteristics. Also, the new innovations, creativity and competitions creates ample opportunities for everyone. Government brings new schemes for MSME entrepreneurs, small business entrepreneurs to support and motivate them in creation of job opportunities for others. Different Policies, Investment opportunities, new avenues creates a positive and healthy environment for startup companies in near future in India.

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