Adult Entertainment : Maintaining Gender Codes Essay

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Adult Entertainment: Maintaining Gender Codes The popularity of pornography has shown a significant increase due to its current easy accessibility via the Internet. With increased revenue out marketing Apple and Google, pornography availability is now available worldwide and through many different outlets. Consequently, with more and more people streaming and socializing online, the Internet has become the basis of main pornographic media. Since engaging in internet media has become so much part of society, and pornography is so easily accessible through this outlet, the influence pornography has over American society is depicted through the ways it portrays gender. It is marketed on a generalized belief of traditional gender norms that society, then continues to perform and repeat. Therefore, pornography maintains the machismo element associated with masculinity, enforces the normativity of femininity and masculinity, and sustains heterosexuality as a commonality in gendering roles. Accordingly the machismo element aspect of masculinity suggests a hypersexual personality with a correspondence to violence. An element that is strongly pervasive in contemporary pornography, as Susan M. Shaw and Janet Lee mention in Chapter 5: Media and Culture of Women’s Voices, Feminist Visions, “in pornographic representations, women are often reduced to body parts and are shown deriving pleasure from being violated and dominated” (263). They are depicted bonded and under servitude,…

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