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a. Depolarization
b. Repolarization
2. What is a dysrhythmia, how does they affect CO?
3. Define premature ventricular contraction. How is it reflected in the EKG?
4. What are the causes for premature ventricular contraction?
5. What is an electrophysiology study and what are the nursing care considerations?
6. What is V-Tach?
7. How is it diagnosed?
8. What are the nursing care considerations associated with vtach?
9. What medications would be given and how would CPR and defibrillation be done?
10. What is ventricular fibrillation, nursing care, meds, dx, CPR, defib?
11. How do implantable cardioverter defibrillators work and what are the nursing considerations?

12. Describe premature atrial contractions.
13. Define
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13. Describe coronary artery bypass graft, when would it be done?
14. What post-op care will be given to a pt following CABG?
15. What is the cause of MI?
16. What is the pathophysiology of MI?
17. Describe the healing process post MI.
18. Outline the clinical manifestations of an MI.
19. What are the cardiovascular manifestations of an MI?
20. What are the cardiac markers and how are they used?
21. What are the hematology markers and how are they used?
22. Outline the various complications of an MI?
23. What nursing dx are relevant for a pt with an MI?
24. What are therapeutic management options for a patient with MI?
25. Outline the pharmacological management options for MI patients.
26. What are the long term management options for MI?
27. What is TPA and what are the important precautions?
28. What is an intra aortic balloon pump?
29. Describe important nutritional considerations for MI patients? Inflammatory Conditions of the Heart
1. What are the three major inflammatory conditions affecting the heart, where do they affect?

2. What is the patho, cause, and classifications of endocarditis?
3. What are the manifestations of endocarditis?
4. How is endocarditis diagnosed?
5. What are the complications associated with endocarditis and why?
6. What are the treatment options for endocarditis?
7. What is the patho, cause, and goal associated with

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