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‘the desire to be heard, - that is the impulse behind writing poems, for me’ (Adrienne Rich)
Does the poetry of Adrienne Rich speak to you? Write your personal response, referring to the poems of Adrienne Rich that do/ do not speak to you.
The poetry of Adrienne does speak to me, as it makes me aware of the hardship that women have faced in the past which, while focused on by many in the past, is something I have not thought much about. However Rich’s poetry shows me that this is an issue which deserves some attention, as it effectively presents the undue and unfair struggle and hardship that the female sex experienced and still experience. This is achieved with several features of her poetry, such as her variety of register, variety of
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The man is confronted with much less challenging and trivial duties; this is shown with the ‘dozen notes upon the keyboard’ and the relatively unimportant task of rubbing at ‘his beard’. In contrasting what the man and woman face in their relationships through such images, Rich shows the need for equality and thus her as a feminist; while the man’s version of where they live is the image of the ‘studio’, where he can simply puruse his pleasures, in contast for Rich the studio becomes a place of work, where such images as the dusty ‘furniture of love’ need to be taken care of. A similar image of apparent worthlessness is seen in AUNT JENNIFER’S TIGERS, however once more it serves to show the oppression of a female. The image of ‘The massive weight of Uncle’s wedding band’ which ‘Sits heavily upon Aunt Jennifer’s hand’ at first glance seems to provide evidence of a marriage but on closer examination shows again the need for attaining rights for women. The Uncle dominates and controls the woman, emphasized explicitly by the weight of said image which does not allow Aunt Jennifer to move away from the Uncle and live her own life; the image of the weighty wedding band is used to explictly represent the emotional and psychological hold the Uncle has over Aunt Jennifer. In another poem, UNCLE SPEAKS IN THE DRAWING ROOM, Rich focuses again on seemingly insignificant images to present the inferior male and the superior male. Here the world of the poem

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