Adopting Snomed Ct Catheter Into Electronic Health Records ( Ehr )

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Implementation Introduction While there are many benefits to adopting SNOMED CT terminologies into Electronic Health Records (EHR) such as: improved patient safety and confidence, valuable clinical decision support and improved efficiency and productivity (Canada Health Infoway, 2012). There are also a number of issues with SNOMED CT that has thus far prevented full integration into the current health care environment.
As EHR systems become standard for recording health encounters, many health care providers are faced with the challenge of implementing and learning or upgrading to ICD-10 codes, couple this with learning and implementing SNOMED CT terminology, this can be a daunting challenge. Since SNOMED CT is an "input" system used for clinical documentation and communication between health care providers, and not an "output" system that can be used for billing and reimbursements like ICD 10, organizations may be more inclined to put their resources behind ICD10 before implementing SNOMED CT into EHR systems.
SNOMED on it 's own is only a terminology set, not an application. This means integration into an existing application such as an existing EHR system is necessary for SNOMED CT to be active in a clinical setting. If there is not an existing EHR system present, SNOMED CT is of no use to clinicians. A 2010 audit by the Auditor General of Canada found that "As of 31 March 2009, only 17 percent of Canadians were living in provinces where an EHR is available to their…

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