Essay on Adopting Positive Behavior Intervention Support ( Pbis )

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Traditionally, disruptive behavior in the classroom resulted in negative consequences symbolized by the image of the misbehaving student wearing the “dunce cap” (Weaver, 2012). However, now schools throughout the United States have begun to adopt Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS), which is designed to increase the amount of positive affirmation that students receive when behaving appropriately in the classroom (Caldarella, Williams, Hansen, & Wills, 2015). Research has demonstrated that PBIS may have the potential to reduce conflict in schools and create a more supportive environment for students (Lane‐Garon, Yergat, & Kralowec, 2012). PBIS has the potential to reduce school conflict because it proactively teaches appropriate behavior, reinforces positive behavior and corrects problem behavior. In addition, PBIS uses data to identify students who are not responding to the standard PBIS intervention so that these students can receive more intensive intervention (Lane‐Garon et al., 2012). The proposed presentation will discuss the traditional means of discipline in schools, the characteristics of PBIS, the evidence for PBIS’s effectiveness and how PBIS may reduce conflict in schools.
Section 1: Traditional School Discipline and Today’s Schools Most school discipline has traditionally involved punitive measures that often seek to exert control over students rather than trying to reduce conflict in the classroom. Traditional methods of punitive discipline…

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