Adolf Hitler's Work And Destruction Of Germany And Germany

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Germany before Adolf Hitler took over was not in a well-rested state. They just lost World War I and basically had to rebuild the country from all the destruction it took during the war. The economy in Germany was completely destroyed, and it didn’t help when the Treaty of Versailles made Germany to disarm their army, make substantial territorial concessions, and pay reparations to certain countries, which finally cost them $31.4 billion. The country was in need of a miracle worker.
Before going into depth about Hitler’s work and destruction of Germany and Europe, let’s see how Hitler began. Adolf Hitler who was born on April 20 1889 in Austria-Hungary moved to Germany when Hitler was the age of 3. When that happened Hitler showed an early
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During his time he has only been hit by shrapnel in the thigh. He did receive a wound badge for bravery. But on October 14, an Allie attacked with mustard gas and left him on the battle field nearly blind. He was crushed by the German defeat and what he thought the infamous Treaty of Versailles. But the biggest lost he took was the feeling of unity and belonging like he had during his time at war. Hitler on his time serving during the war was quoted by saying “unforgettable and the greatest time of my earthly life”. When reading that quote, Hitler showed his patriotic even nationalistic love of his …show more content…
Kids are much influenced when they are told something or see something over and over again. And Hitler knew that the next target for him and his party would have to be the youth, e also knew that his focus early on (before he got elected) had to be on the older population to get as much votes as possible. A story was told that was entitled “Comradeship” and was told by Hitler Youth Hans Wolf. “The story encapsulates the essence of the communal Hitler Youth experience” (Kater 14). The story was so attractive to the youth because it shows to the kids the Nazi values and showed a sense of belonging to each other and to the whole Nazi population. The Hitler Youth was organized in early 1925 when Hitler was released from prison after the Beer Hall Putsch and started very small. Less than 100,000 before Hitler took power and by December 1936 the Hitler Youth reached 5.4 million. Melita’s parents didn’t support Hitler but she thought that all that mattered was “whether a person contributed to the well-being of the people” (Bartoletti 16). The chant that caught her attention was “For the flag we are ready to die…” by hearing that the surge of patriotism and urge to join them because she “wanted to belong to these people for whom it was a matter of life and death”. That was the feeling Hitler gave the youth with the Hitler Youth that who was not a part of the Hitler Youth party. It seemed that they would get brain

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