Adolf Hitler 's Leadership Skills Essay

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Adolf Hitler had a variety of leadership skills and techniques affecting the actions he took, and ultimately shaping his legacy. Successful leaders have leadership skills to guide and direct their followers, Adolf Hitler had a diverse and significant amount of these skills, which he used to direct his people into war in the early 1900’s. The specific skills that Hitler possessed, negative and positive impacted his legacy and affecting the world around us. The following essay will contain and analyze the skills required to be a leader, mentioning the negative and positive effects of his legacy and evaluating them, and including how some of his leadership skills affects the world around us.

The definition of leadership is the act of directing, guiding and manipulating a specific group of people. Taking the definition into account, Hitler was not a great person; he was a great leader. Hitler during the period from 1920 to 1945 was a remarkable leader, as he manipulated his followers and the German citizens to achieve his vision. Hitler manipulated his followers and supporters by using certain leadership skills supported by ongoing events around the world. For example, when the Reichstag fire occurred in February 27th 1933. Hitler used this incident to become chancellor by blaming it towards the communists, which was the main reason why he became chancellor of Germany. Manipulative techniques inflicted on the German citizens reinforced the positive opinion about Hitler,…

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