Adolf Hitler 's Influence On The World Essay

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Imagine being persuasive enough to convince many people to commit mass murder and no one would second guess what came out of his/her mouth. Well this is what everyone did when Adolf Hitler would give one of his speeches. What many did not know is that they were in fact listening to the words of one of the most ruthless man ever known to mankind. Throughout time, Adolf Hitler influenced our world in a negative way through his attempts to gain power over Germany by creating a genocide to strike fear into people 's hearts. Like everything in life, people always have a beginning. Adolf Hitler had a rough start in life, he was the fourth child born in his family but was also the first child to live past two years. He was also abused by his father, according to a book by Earle Rice Jr. saying "Alois Hitler ruled over his family like a tyrant often lashing out in drunken rages at his children and wife." (Rice 10) This may have contributed in Hitler wanting control over Germany years after adult life. In Adolf 's young school life, he liked to play and read tales that made him want to be like the main character in the stories, Rice also wrote, "Adolf was fascinated with the frontier tales of James Fenimore Cooper and the wild west narratives of his German imitator, Karl May, an ex convict..... May 's scenarios,casting himself in the role of old Shatterhand, who perpetually fought wars against " inferior" races and sent them to their doom."(Rice 16) Seeing as how this gave Hitler a…

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