Adolf Hitler 's Influence On The People Of Germany Essay

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Adolf Hitler in the lens of German History finds his scope as being one of the most dominant leaders in all of history. Whether or not his dominance was imposing or immoral is not a relevant question because it is generally accepted that Hitler ruled with the most heinous of intentions behind his cause. The question I will attempt to answer is how Hitler positioned himself at certain junctures during his reign around the implementation of Propaganda, and how he either employed or refrained from using propaganda effectively in order to position himself at the throne of the Third Reich? Would the Third Reich have been as successful as they were without the use of propaganda, and how did certain types of propaganda make more of an impact on the people of Germany? The head of the Nazi Propaganda department was Joseph Goebbels who was appointed to his position as the head of the Propaganda Ministry by Adolf Hitler in 1933. Immediately after his employment Goebbels began to devise various ways to contrive Nazi ideals in an effective and non-offensive manner. Goebbels was assigned the task of uplifting the spirit of the German people and employing the media, to convince the population to support the war effort ( Staff editorial). Hitler put Goebbels in a position of great power and Joseph Goebbels was highly motivated to succeed from the beginning of his career. Goebbels had to initiate a complete reconstruction of those individuals who were disloyal to Hitler…

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