Adolf Hitler Death Camp Essay

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It all starts on January 30th, 1933, where Adolf Hitler is assigned Chancellor of Germany by the German president and to no one’s imagination would that create a chain reaction to 11 million deaths and 900 thousand traumatized. The death camps were used as graves and slaughter chambers. When a prisoner was sent to one of these camps they would be cremated. The labor camps were used as factories, where prisoners would be forced to work until they couldn’t move. Adolf Hitler specifically hated Jews. Hitler managed to convince the Germans that the Jews were to blame for all the problems in the country. Hitler used the media to brainwash most of the people that it was the Jews fault.
On May 10th, The Gestapo (German secret police) is created by
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March 15th, Nazi troops seize Czechoslovakia. All jewish people lose their rights as tenants and are moved into Jewish houses. September 1st, Nazis invade Poland that has a jewish population of 3.35 million. Jewish people are forbidden to be outside after 8 p.m.. Great Britain and France declare war with Germany, and Germany cuts off Warsaw. November 23rd, All Jewish people over the age of 10, have to wear yellow stars. From April 9th to October 7th, Denmark, Norway, France Belgium, Holland, Luxemburg, and Romania are all invaded by the Nazi army. While only Hungary, Romania, and Slovakia become Nazi allies.
July 31, Goring instructs Heydrich to prepare for the Final Solution. The mass killing begins in august: Romanis, 70,000 killed by the Transnistrian war, 23,000 Jewish people killed at Kamenets-Podolsk, Ukraine, 35,000 Jewish people from Odessa shot and killed, SS Einsatzgruppe B reports 45,476 Jews killed.
Mass killings of Jewish people using Zyklon-B, a poisonous gas, began at Auschwitz-Birkenau in January. SS Einsatzgruppe A reports 229,052 Jews dead. September 9th, open pit burnings start replacing burial and 107,000 corpses were dug up to prevent the “fouling of groundwater.” In November, the mass killing of 170,000 in Bialystok

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