Adolf Hitler And The World War II Essay

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Adolf Hitler will indefinitely possess a place in history as one of the most atrocious figures to ever walk the earth. His deeds of malevolence, such as the torment of the Jews during the Holocaust and the campaign to conquer Europe is endlessly drilled into student’s heads all around the world. From the eastern to the western world Adolf Hitler is remembered as one of the most historically evil people to ever set foot on planet earth. Consequently, no one seems to grasp the notion that history itself was written by the victors. Resulting in an agenda to not only vilify, but guarantee that what Adolf Hitler actually accomplished will never be repeated again. As a result, no one will dare to mention that during World War 2 Adolf Hitler sought to rid his beloved Germany and the rest of the world of the sovereign class of people also known as the international Jews.
These international Jews are comprised of a dominant class of banking lineages who have controlled every central bank in the world since the 1700s. The founder of the central banking system Nathan Meyer Rothschild stated: “those who control the issuance of money, controls the government!” Thus, these families dominate the world’s economy and therefore have the power to create laws, control the media, and warmonger. Two of the most widely known families of this elite class include the Rothschild’s and Rockefeller’s, but there are thirteen of these families in total. In Hitler Speaks written by Hermann Rauschning,…

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