Adolf Hitler And The Nazi Party Essay

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People of today abhor the doings of the Nazis. It is widely accepted that what they have done was a terrible deed. However, the Nazis, and Adolf Hitler, were not always looked down upon as badly as today. The people of Germany feared the Nazis, however, the people of Germany did not resist the Nazis coming into power in the early 1900s. Rather, they joined in with the Nazis due to them promising the people of Germany that they would make Germany a great place again. Sebastian Haffner, author of Defying Hitler, was living during the Nazi’s rise to power. Haffner was not for the Nazi party, and people of today would hope they would be the same. However, considering the circumstances the people of Germany faced, there is no doubt to why Nazism was appealing. In addition, would the Nazis have risen to power if the circumstances were different? At the end of the first world war, Germany was forced to pay billions of dollars in reparations. That was the catalyst that led to the huge inflation in Germany, where “not only money but all standards lost their value.” The banks in Germany printed more money in response to having to pay the reparations instead of raising taxes like what other countries do. The result of printing copious amounts of money resulted in major inflation. Everything rose in price to compensate for the inflation, and “anyone who had savings in a bank or bonds saw their value disappear overnight” as the value of the dollar fluctuated greatly. It is no doubt…

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