Adolf Hitler And The Great Depression

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During the 1930s the world was at a turning point everything was changing and the road to war became clearer for all the parties that had a major stake during that era one example I would like to reference is on page 44 "the decade of the 1930s witnessed a long series of crises that marked the world 's gradual descent into war, not in East Asia and in Europe. these crises unfolded against a background of economic distress created by the Great Depression and the rise of political extremism that was to a large extent the result of these economic problem" (44). I feel that this is a prime example, of why the world was going into war the Great Depression not only hit America, but other countries as well. Another factor of WWII that was shaped by the past was that of World War I. The man that was at the center spotlight of World War II, was only a small detail that seemed not be important, until the Second World war began. …show more content…
It seems by many accounts written of Adolf Hitler’s time during World War I it seems to have shaped him into the man we know now. Hitler served from 1914 to 1918 he quickly rose in rankings from an ordinary solider to a Corporal “he was also wounded twice (in 1916 and 1918) and was awarded several medals” ( His time in World War I ended in depression and embarrassment for his country. Another important factor for WWII is the Treaty of Versailles “which provided the settlement for Germany” (12). It seems to me that the of Treaty of Versailles and the Fourteen points created by President Wilson of the United States and the big three were all winners, expect for Germany of course, which leads to why Hitler wanted to create the “lebensraum” which means living

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