Adolf Hitler : A Disastrous And Tragic Time Period Essay

2286 Words Mar 18th, 2016 10 Pages
January, 1933 to May, 1945; a calamitous and tragic time period where six million Jews were taken out of existence. No one could foresee that a demanding, judgmental, and controlling leader was going to take over the presidency of Germany and order for the torture, misery, and execution of a manifold of innocent people. Adolf Hitler, born in 1889, grew up in close proximity to the border of Germany and eventually led his way up the political chain and became chancellor in 1932. From being chancellor, he was eventually elected to the position of president. With this power, he slowly shifted the once Wiemar Republic into a government of dictatorship. The leader of this dictatorship was the one and only Adolf Hitler himself. This surely led to an inevitable massacre of millions of people. It was because of Hitler that the entire life in Germany shifted from a beautiful idyllic lifestyle to a constant feeling of terror. People of different groups, such as those of different religions, race, sexuality, and even those with disabilities, were persecuted between 1933 and 1945. Beginning in Germany and spanning through Eastern Europe, people lived each day with the fear of being captured and tortured. This time period became formally known as the Holocaust, deriving from the Greek word holokauston, which meant burnt. The number of deaths that occurred was absolutely astonishing. This mass murder was carried out by the Nazi Party, also known as the National Socialist German Worker.…

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