Essay about Adolescent Sexuality And Sexuality, It Is Now

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. Malekoff (2014) made the point that if there was ever a time to be attuned to adolescents sexuality, it is now. He went on to say the more than 40% of high school students were sexually active had not used a condom and more than 76% did not use birth control to prevent pregnancy. Knowing these individuals have an increased risk for sexually transmitted infections, unintended pregnancies, and early sexual encounters makes this topic even more imperative for both the caregiver and adolescents. Previous research in the area of communication and sexuality clearly documents the need to include caregivers in sex education programs designed to provide accurate information while raising comfort levels when parents and their teens communicate (Burgess, Dziegielewski, Green, 2005). When asked in a study, parents said they felt nervous and unprepared to initiate conversations with their children. They did not feel they could find the right moments to provide information and share familial values, as they were not sure when children might be open to listening and sharing their own thoughts (O 'Donnell, 2007). The obvious parallel from the lack of interaction between parents and children regarding sex and communication means an increase in unsafe adolescent sexual behaviors (Burgess, Dziegielewski, Green, 2005). The most obvious way to prevent these potentially problematic behaviors is to utilize group and the structure of the sessions to help guide the parents to talk with their…

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