Adolescence Of Autonomy From Parents Essay example

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Later Adolescence
Autonomy from Parents People ages eighteen to twenty-four are considered later adolescence. One of the key factors in later adolescence is achieving autonomy from parents, which is the gateway to adulthood. Autonomy from parents is achieved when a later adolescent can regulate their own behavior and no longer rely on parents for decision making. One of the main ways this autonomy is achieved is through leaving the family home. The age at which a person leaves their family home varies depending on culture, social class, and family expectations and values. Some adolescents may leave for college right after high school graduation, while others will live with their parents well into their twenties (Newman, 367-368). In Kevin’s case, he left home at the age of fourteen. On his own, he figured out how to travel great distances and fulfill his basic needs. Although he later returned to his mother’s home, he again left for the United States a second time and was then given asylum around age sixteen. Therefore, it could be argued that Kevin is in the process of achieving autonomy at a very young age.
Internalized Morality When assessing morality, it is important not to judge a person’s decisions, but rather try to understand their reasoning behind the decisions. In 1958, Lawrence Kohlberg created his theory of moral development, which includes three levels; preconventional, conventional, and postconventional, with several stages per level. A person in the…

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