Essay about Adolescence Is An Difficult Stage Of Life

1626 Words Dec 8th, 2014 null Page
Adolescence is an extremely difficult stage in life. It’s a struggle of finding one’s self while being who society accepts with the constant peer pressure of being the person one’s friends would like them to be. Adding a clique into the mixture, just seems to make everything more difficult. One is faced with deciding who they will hang out with, as well as determining who they are not allowed to hang out with. What one is allowed to wear or even say is manipulated by who they associate themselves with. Academics is also a huge part of cliques. In order to maintain the targeted appearance one must remain intellectually equal to the friends they surround themselves with. Everything an adolescent does is tied to their appearance in some form, making it extremely difficult to be an individual. Being in a social group while in high school is very important emotionally for a teenager it creates a security making it easier to deal with high school. The anxiety and stress that comes along with adolescence is immensely intensified by peer social groups. Cliques create pressure to conform in appearance, academics, and personality at an already difficult stage of life leaving teens with an unhealthy amount of stress. In high school there are various cliques to choose from. Social groups are based on how they dress, carry themselves or basically anything one can think of. Cliques are seen everywhere. The way a person dresses is thought to define whom one is. Chloe states “Clothing…

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