Additional Policies Call For Community Cores Essay

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Additional policies call for community cores, which function as retail or town centers within these planned communities (Urban Design Element). The NCFUA Plan 's policies for the development pattern build on San Diego’s General Plan. The vision for development includes urban centers as well as shopping that resemble “Main Street America.” These future urbanizing areas are places that connect people not only through transportation hubs, but social interactions in retail centers as well. This area embodies the best of neighborhood development along with modern villages, all tied together with beautiful open space.
Literature Analysis
The largest amount of information I found regarding planned communities is the economic advantage of developing a planned community over individual homes. Local governments negotiate with developers to include a large percentage of open space, and public facilities such as schools, community parks, and libraries in a community’s development as conditions for approval (Held, 2004). According to McKenzie (2003, 2006), an increasing trend of local governments is working with developers to provide public facilities in and around planned communities. Developers of master-planned communities in most cases are usually very willing to provide these services because it is these very same amenities such as schools and parks that prove to people that their quality of life will be enhanced by living in a master-planned community (Held, 2004). Additionally,…

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