Addictions Counseling - Avoiding Burnout Essay

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Addiction Counselor: Avoiding Burn Out



No matter the education and experience of a professional, the professional is unable to help others if they don’t first take care of themselves. Self-care burn out is prevalent in all fields of practice, however, it is especially prevalent in medical professionals who work in addiction counseling and treatment. We all know that addiction counselors need to be effective at diagnostic practices, be knowledgeable at the impact of addictions on other psychological and physical disorders, as well as understanding the criteria for disorders (“Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP),” 2009). What they
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A healthy work like balance means that an individual feels well rounded. Also, I do believe that a person, even a medical professional, should work to live rather than living to work. To achieve a healthy work life balance, I plan to only schedule patients for twenty-five hours per week, leaving time for paperwork, and to stick to that mantra. In addition, I plan to schedule quarterly getaway vacations for both my future family and myself. These vacations will provide me with the time to clear my head and press the hypothetical reset button in my mind. While I will provide my phone number to patients for after-hours emergencies, I will be careful about accepting these calls. I plan to only work in my off hours in life threatening and extreme situations, and will be careful to not allow myself to be over extended or taken advantage of. I will stick to my already regularly occurring exercise regimen to maintain physical health. Physical health is important for maintaining mental clarity, and both are key to providing quality patient care (“Keeping Ourselves Well: Strategies for Promoting and Maintaining Counselor Wellness,” 1996). I also find that exercise really is a stress reducer for me. Furthermore, to maintain physical health, I will keep up on my own medical appointments and obtain regularly occurring physicals. It is also beneficial for addiction counselors to engage in general

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