Addiction Treatment Centers : Maryland Offers Hope For Recovery And Lasting Sobriety

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Addiction Treatment Centers in Gaithersburg, Maryland
The addiction treatment centers in Gaithersburg, Maryland offer hope for recovery and lasting sobriety for those seeking to overcome the destructive cycle of drug or alcohol abuse and addiction. An intensive approach, with a broad focus on the multiple tiers of disease and affliction, helps to restore the individual’s emotional, mental, and physical health. Addiction treatment centers in Gaithersburg, Maryland are dedicated to caring and supporting patients through progressive, evidence-based interventions. Treatment begins with assessment and evaluation after which a program can be customized to fit the needs of the individual.

Excessive indulgence in an addictive substance for a consistent period breeds abuse. Substance abuse is easily conditioned. An individual caught in the destructive pattern of abuse presents with stereotypical behaviors that underline how the substance steals the control from the user. The behaviors commonly noticed include a lack of interest in activities and the people closest to them, a pattern of relationship problems, problematic work performance, irresponsibility, and a decline in appearance.
Later behaviors, such as obsessive drug seeking, increased use in larger amounts, and physical symptoms when not using for a period of time all describe a growing tolerance for the addictive substance that is the threshold of addiction. Tolerance develops out of continued use in that the brain,…

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