Essay about Addiction : The Problem Of Addiction

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Addiction is an uncontrollable urge to destroy oneself over and over again without the ability or strength to stop. Addiction is not about the amount of the “drug” consumed or how often it is. Addiction is about the consequences of drug use to your life. There are many different forms of addiction: drug, sex, gambling, work, cutting, shopping, food; the list is extensive. A commonly known addiction is alcohol, called alcoholism. I believe and have personally seen, people live in long-term sobriety from alcoholism.
An alcoholic is a person, while alcoholism is the illness. An alcoholic suffers from alcoholism. One can start drinking at any age and become addicted to the alcohol, depending on various factors. A survey was taken and results from Frequently Asked Questions About Alcohol and Drugs show that ten percent of nine to ten-year-old kids have already started drinking. By the age of fifteen, fifty percent of kids have started drinking. Alcohol is a legal substance, that when abused, can lead to loss of family or work, mental illnesses such as depression, and other negative consequences. Types of alcohol include beer, wine, and liquor. Compared to beer, five ounces of wine is equivalent to twelve ounces of beers. Wine is more concentrated than beer, but liquor has the most alcohol in it. To the alcoholic, they will drink anything that contains a slight trace of alcohol, from mouthwash to perfume in order to ease their with drawl symptoms. According to Alcohol Addiction…

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