Addiction And The City Of Vancouver Essay

1099 Words Nov 30th, 2015 5 Pages
Many people have caught themselves in situations that are hard to retreat from. They have been addicted to an extent that they are considered abnormal n the society. Addiction can be defined as a condition that results from engaging in a certain activity repeatedly or ingesting of a substance such as cocaine, alcohol and other forms of drugs. Addictions of any forms can be treated and as a result this has led to research in order to gain more knowledge on addiction and how to treat addictions in a person. Treating the whole person of addiction has been trending in the present society making various scholars carry out studies on the same. The article aims at analyzing the different perspectives of different authors on addictions and their views on how one should learn to treat a whole person’s addiction. Drug addiction in the city of Vancouver is analyzed on four pillars. The initiative involves looking at drug addiction in terms of the steps that can be put in place when providing treatment to addicts, preventing addiction, law enforcement and reducing the harm caused by the addiction. Although the four pillars form a good initiative in developing an effective policy on addiction, to deal with the menace of addiction there should be a clear understanding on the extent and the causes of addiction. The pillars developed can only deal with a small part of addiction especially on the illicit drugs living out the analysis of the root cause of addiction. Therefore to deal…

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