Essay on Addiction : Alcoholism And Alcoholism

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In this world an addiction can be anything that exists. Most people tend to assume that an addiction must be something like drugs or alcohol, but an addiction can be anything that begins to affect your quality of life. A person can become addicted to drugs, alcohol, video-games, sex, or anything that offers ‘reward’ which is the dopamine release in the brain. Yet even with this being stated not everyone becomes addicted to things, only a very small percentage of people become addicts. “It is estimated that 10-15% of the population has an addictive personality. This percentage of the population doesn’t know when to stop and has a more difficult time coping with drugs and alcohol.” (What Does it Mean to Have an Addictive Personality?).
Now that we have broached the subject of addiction, I believe it to be prudent to speak about alcoholism. Perhaps the most common addiction in the United States and most studied is peoples addictions to alcoholism. “One drunkard begets another, wrote the Greek philosopher Plutarch nearly 2,000 years ago, demonstrating the age-old wisdom of the observation that alcoholism runs in families.” (Szalavitz, M.). This is a subject to which I am very familiar, growing up as a child both my mother and father where alcoholics. I have seen my father in one sitting drink two fifths of tequila and a 30 pack of beer, and my mother was a functioning alcoholic. Functional alcoholic is just another way to say that probably the only time the individual…

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