Karl Marx's Theory Of Communism

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#4. Class

Karl Marx was a German Ideologist who strongly opposed Adam Smith’s idea of Capitalism and the theory of splitting society into classes based on how much wealth they had. Marx believed that the proper way to classify society was based on two groups who he believed were the main structure for where individuals get divided into. These two classes were named the Bourgeoisie and the Proletariat. He went even further to think that the idea of a community that was divided into different Strata was failing to succeed. He thought the best resolution to class inequality was to completely remove it, therefore known as the theory of Communism.
Firstly, Karl Marx believed that people should be divided into two groups; one being the proletariat
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He thinks that the best resolution is to abolish this system of division among the community. His idealistic society is one of Communism. One where every individual is of equal value, where they all work together as a whole, and they all have the same exact rights to living resources such as food, shelter, clothes, water. No one will possess something of higher value than anyone else purely based on the idea that no individual will have the means to achieve something more extravagant seeing as everyone is making the same Wage, which is nothing. A Communist State was believed to be a well-functioning, fair system by Marx and other Sociologists, for example Frederich Engels, because there would no longer be any problems among classes because there are no classes within Society, no one controls or has more power over another person. No individual is more privileged than another, which is why Marx believes this is the way society should go. Although this is what Marx believes, History has shown that his system cannot be as effective because Society is saying everyone is the exact same in a Communist State, meaning there is no sense of competition which is an inherent drive in Humans when it comes to advancing technology, laws, Morales, etc. The potential of the society is higher together but under a Communist Government it will not be used to the

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