Action Plan For A Cardiac Physiologist Upon My Graduation Essay

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This assignment consists of an action plan that will aid me becoming a cardiac physiologist upon my graduation. This is someone that is involved in the treatment and diagnosis of patients, regardless of age with heart disease. They investigate and monitor the workings of the heart by doing such, they retrieve the diagnosis. Consequently, becoming the “tools that cardiologists and surgeons need to diagnose and treat heart disease” ( plan will help me progress in the right speed in terms of, giving me a much more transparent path to where I need to be and what I need to do, to actually become a cardiac physiologist. This action plan uses SMART goals to clarify any questions that I would have in the future by eliminating that unknown factor, meaning that rather than being confused about what needs to be done I would already be aware and fairly prepared for what would come.

Knowledge skills and competencies:

One of the most important skills I must acquire to actually be a good cardiac physiologist is of course, knowledge. Otherwise I would never be able to perform effectively or even be able to actually get the title of a cardiac physiologist. Having the knowledge is significant, mainly because I do not want to put anyone’s life in danger or somehow worsen their heart condition, in fact I would want to follow this profession to actually help…

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