Essay about Acid Mine Drainage Has Polluted The Tigithe River

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Acid mine drainage has polluted the Tigithe River, which provides drinking water supply for more than 250,000 people. It was the main reason the Tanzanian Parliaments demanded the NMGM be closed in 2009, owing to the deaths of 40 villagers and their livestock (, 2010). A study had conducted throughout the government accepted the "principle", and stated that there had been minimal environmental monitoring done in the area because the National Environment Management Council is quite small, with only 20 environmental inspectors for the entire country (Mutagwaba, 2006). As a result of low monitoring system, the water pollution is not only caused by acidic drainage of the company but also as by small-scale gold mining. In 2010, however, the Tanzanian government announced that the river free of pollution, and required following change made to the NMGM 's environmental policy and program. Therefore, it requires to develop control measures by reducing the availability of acid formation and applying advanced technology for managing the tailing. Although, the NMGM has a tailing storage pond, but the increasing capacity to process an average of 8,000 tonnes of ore per day, (or c. 2.8 million tonnes per year) requires big storage for the tailing. Moreover, the current life of mine is estimated to be ten years based on proven and probable gold reserves of two million ounces, which needs company’s focus on the post-closure reclamation. Importantly, from a business…

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