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Children’s book research essay

Fraser Mander

There are many opinions about what makes a good book for children. A children’s book is a book with a mix of words and pictures. This is true from the Hairy Maclarey, written and illustrated by Lynley Dodd to Roald Dahl’s books as illustrated by Quentin Blake. Children’s books have to offer a sense of joy no matter how simple or complex it is. Books such as Curious George or Winnie the Pooh have that central character that shows emotion. Even if a kid’s book does not have a central character, the language used in the book can be used to connect on an emotional level like Dr Seuss’s fanciful texts or Hairy Maclary’s constant rhyming.

Children 's books
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The hope around digital books is that they are another pathway for a child to develop their literacy. According to Beth Bacon digital books with recorded narration and highlighted words encourage children to look at the words for longer and children become aware “that the sounds can be represented symbolically with writing”. Whereas Liat Hughes Joshi’s eight year old son used the built-in dictionary for unknown words, perhaps the most positive comment is as Liat Hughes Joshi quotes a US survey by Scholastic and Harrison “80% of children with access to e-books still pick up their paperbacks and primarily read …show more content…
When I am holding a tablet they cannot see if I am reading a book or looking at Facebook, a printed book is tangible evidence I am reading. However in a Scholastic study Kylie Good and Sara Sinek found that ebooks have potential to motivate boys who are often identified as unenthusiastic readers, which is good news for me. Good and Sinek also said that while parents worried about the amount of time children spent on technology, “nearly half do not have a preference of format for their child’s books”. Finally of the most interest is that if preference is not important, what is? Good and Sinek report that parents modelling book reading, availability of books and including regular reading in children’s lives had the most impact on

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