Christopher Columbus American Influence

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According to Christopher Columbus, “Following the light of the sun, we left the old world” . In the year 1492 a European explorer called Christopher Columbus lead a Spanish expedition, which located the western hemisphere including North America, South America and the Caribbean . Columbus's discovery led to an era of European exploration and colonization. As such a country colonizes land when it sets up settlements, colonies, or people and controls the economies and governments in them. There were many considerations, which led to the establishments of British and French settlements in the new world particularly during the seventeenth (17th) century. As such I would explicate on points, where Power became the primary factor that led to the exploration and colonization of the New World. This power exerted itself in social, economic, and political shifts of thought.
To begin with, British colonization of the new world
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The British were able to develop their political systems due to a mode of thought that triggered the exploration and colonization. Nations were able to explore the New World and generate money, profit, and strength for their own nation. Kings and queens were interested in creating colonies because they contributed to the political superiority of a country. Though the British struggled for political superiority, their quest took them to the Caribbean enabling the circulation of cheap labour, power and wealth. Another factor influencing the political regime was the legal system, which was built around the aristocracy. Another influence was the distance from England and its Parliament allowed colonists to set up local governments and representative assemblies and to tax themselves, as long as they did not take up arms against the Crown . The British Empire grew tremendously and became the largest colonial empire during the nineteenth (19th)

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