Accidents Caused By Accidents And Accidents Essay

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Accidents happen, yes. But it keeps re-occuring over the last decades or so. Also the cause of accidents are very similar to each other, mainly due to systematic failures, human errors and such. How come we still fail to learn from the causes to prevent it form happenening again? There are a lot of reasearch that shows how human errors and systematic failures cause accidents. Over the last 40 years or so, the shipping industry has focused on improving ship structures, reliability and safety of ship systems to reduce incidents and accidents. Also, to increase productivity and efficiency (Leveson, 2011). It is true that everything has majorly improved from designs, to systems, technologies and navigational equipments. However, there are still high rate of maritime accidents due to errors and system failures.
We are all familiar with the Titanic incident which sank in the North Atlantic Ocean after colliding with an iceberg back in 1912. Based on the investigations, the officers we informed and were aware that there would be an iceberg 48 hours prior to the collision. However, they were confident that everything would be okay and the officers would have calculated the time and safe distance inorder to avoid the iceberg. But they have failed to do so, the officer on watch made a mistake by stopping the engine and giving it a full astern while opperating with the rudder at the same time (Schroder-Hinrichs et al., 2012). This resulted thousands of deaths and casualties. Costa…

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