Access For All Student : Chapter Six Reflective Paper

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chnology: Access for All Student: Chapter Six Reflective Paper
Sunshine Glance
Technology in Special Education
1. According to Beard, Carpenter, and Johnson (2011), ”Communication occurs through seeing, hearing, speaking, reading, writing, signing, and gesturing” (p. 110). Because communication typically involves at least two individuals, the ability to send and receive messages is crucial. Without the ability to communicate effectively, a student would be unable to meet the demands that a general education curriculum will have. Thus, it is important to know the difference between typically developing language skills and language deficits.
2. According to Beard, Carpenter, and Johnson (2011), ”The rules governing language may differ across languages and cultures” (p. 112). This statement is so very true. While our text talks about English specifically in the three kinds of communication skills, other cultures and languages will differ in some ways in how they communicate. There will be a difference in adult-to-adult, adult-to-child, child-to-adult, child-to-child, and in some cases how males and females communicate. There may also be differences in the five components in language: morphology, phonology, semantics, pragmatics, and syntax.
3. According to Beard, Carpenter, and Johnson (2011), ”One of the greatest teaching opportunities and challenges is experienced by teachers who are working with students who have both severe speech-language impairments and physical…

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