Access, DB2, Oracle And Mysql Advantages And Disadvantages

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Register to read the introduction… Each offering has both advantages and disadvantages and this paper cannot do justice to the amount of information available in regards to the technical capabilities available on the very limited set of offerings described in this paper. Looking at Access, DB2, Oracle, and MySQL would only be the beginning of what an IT department might be tasked with if given a project to determine where a company should spend its capital resources, both time and money, on investing in.  On the other hand, if they were to look elsewhere, what would be the advantage today? Is there enough differentiation to warrant a broader search and investigation? (Sometimes too much study provides little to no additional benefit. Where would you draw the line?) Each available offering need to meet the distinct needs of the corporation implementing the system and each item listed here should be analyzed in great detail to ensure that this investment is not a wasted effort. Some of the items that need to be researched when making a decision include the …show more content…
Each DBMS available on the market today remains there for some reason, whether there be a feature that they only support or an operating system that is specific or that their price is cheap or that their support is better than others is all part of the decision making process. Oracle and IBM DB2 charge some unbelievable prices but there has to be a reason that they stay in business, they offer a service or a feature that others see valuable and are willing to pay them for it, that's the bottom line. I've seen firsthand some of expenses incurred when doing an Oracle database application and while I thought the prices were outrageous I do have to admit that the application did exactly as we specified when it was all said and done. Doing research for a decision such as this is not an easy task and should be taken very seriously. I believe all of the discussed DBMS offerings will be with us for quite a while. Each has a competitive advantage and enough of a following to ensure that they will be here for the long term. As previously stated, you get what you pay

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