Stop Accepting Rape Analysis

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Stop Accepting the Rape Culture We have a problem in our society: we allow people of all walks of life to casually and blatantly “shut down” women who speak up against sexual assault. If someone you know came to you and confided in you that she was raped, would you then proceed to tell her that it is her fault, or that she was asking for it? In our culture it has become a part of our lives to blame the victim and by doing this we are accepting rape, and allowing rapists to go without punishment. Did you know that in America, every two minutes someone is sexually assaulted and that one out of six women are victims of rape or attempted rape? That eighty percent of victims are under the age of 30 and that two out of three rapes are committed …show more content…
This acceptance of rape needs to be stopped. We need to provide emotional support to victims, stop buying music or products that encourage violence, stop watching violent programs and to educate those around us. By being vocal at an individual level we can call attention to friends and acquaintances casual references to violence. Demanding harsher punishment for rapists, and finally, teaching are young women how to defend and protect themselves in such a world. Works Cited
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