Accepting Men Essay

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For many things, change is inevitable. According to an excerpt tittled “Accepting Men as They Are”, written by Albert Ellis, men are sex- orientated, selfish, and workaholics. Ellis believes that it is useless to try to change a man because that is how they are built. There is no point in changing because it simply cannot be done. That could be true, however, this passage was written in 1979, about three decades ago. The author had another perspective because he lived in a different generation. Men acted like they were superior, but it is now the 21st century; times has changed, and so have men.
Even though many people will say that men are all the same, men are capable of changing for the better. After all, we are all humans. Humans
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Due to his positive outlook he was able to become a new person and change into a better man.
Albert Ellis claims that men only want sex from a woman. However, some men are lustful to the extent where they were addicted to it, and even lost their whole family. In the last year, Tiger Woods was exposed to the media for having many mistresses and cheating on his wife. Not too long after this was made public, they got a divorce. Woods realized his obsession with sex, and checked into rehab. Even though this is one of the times where it was too late for the man to realize his addiction, he was able to admit that he had a problem. He lost his wife, kids, and almost his career. Checking into sex rehab was one of the choices for him and was a big step, but he knew he had to change. He already lost his family, but he did not want to lose everything he had, including his career. This is to show that he is progressing into a better person.
Some men become workaholics because they need it to support their family. In the movie “Click”, Adam Sandler plays a workaholic that tries to give the best to his family. By using a remote to fast forward time, he was able to fast forward to where he was promoted. In doing so, he spent many nights working on projects that will prove to his boss that he is a trustworthy person that can handle bigger jobs. He could not wait any longer so he went to a mad scientist which fast

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