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Architectural Control Committee - Improvement Request Form

ASSOCIATION: _______________________________________________________________ DATE: ______________

In accordance with the recorded covenants, conditions and restrictions of the association, and in order to protect each individual owner's rights and values, it is required that any owner who is considering improvement of his deeded property to include, but not be limited to patio covers, decks, outside buildings, fencing, building add-ons, etc., submit the following to the Architectural Control Committee prior to initiating work on the planned improvements:

_______ (1) A completed Improvement Request Form for each project separately. _______ (2) Complete and
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_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _ LOCation of improvement (check actual areas that apply): ___________ Front of dwelling ___________ Back of dwelling ___________ Side of dwelling ___________ Roof of dwelling ___________ Garage ___________ Patio ___________ Other (Describe)______________________________________________________________________________

Material to be used for the improvement (check applicable items): ________ Brick - Color _______________________________________________ ________ Cement ________ Stucco ________ Wood - Color _______________________________________________ ________ Electric ________ Siding Wood ________________________ Aluminum ____________ ________ Glass ________ Paint - Color _______________________________________________ ________ Stain ________ Color Other

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