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ACC 561 Entire Course

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ACC 561 Week 1-Individual Assignment - Guillermo Furniture Store Scenario

1. Individual Assignment: Guillermo Furniture Store Scenario

• Read the Guillermo Furniture Store Scenario.

• Write a 700-word paper explaining the following:

o How could Guillermo use budgets and performance reports in his decision-making process?

o How might ethics influence his accounting decisions?

o What accounting information is most relevant for Guillermo to consider when making decisions?

• Include citations and references in
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Individual Assignment: Practice Text Exercises

• Complete the following problem sets from the Introduction to Management Accounting text:

o Question 2-48, CVP and Financial Statements for a Mega-Brand Company, on p. 82 o Question 2-61, CVP in a Modern Manufacturing Company, on p. 87 o EXCEL Application Exercise, CVP and Break-Even, on p. 89 o Question 3-38, Mixed Cost, Choosing Cost Drivers, and High-Low and Visual-Fit Methods, on p. 121-122

• Review the Week Six Assignment and begin working on the cost relationships and behaviors section for the Guillermo Furniture Store Scenario.

• Format your paper according to APA standards.

• Post your assignment as a Microsoft® Word attachment.

ACC 561 Week 3-DQ 1 & 2

ACC 561 Week 4-Assessed DQ - Master Budget

Individual Assignment: Write a short paper answering the following question: A master budget is a detailed and comprehensive analysis of an organization’s long- and short-term goals. Identify the major inputs to the master budget and the usefulness of each. Additionally, why would a company need to create a master budget? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

ACC 561 Week 4-Team Assignment - Guillermo Furniture Store Analysis

1. Learning Team: Guillermo Furniture Store Analysis

You are the analyst for Guillermo Furniture Store. You have been asked to revise the Flex Budget

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