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ACC 291 Complete Course / ACC 290 Entire Course
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ACC 291 Entire Course All Weeks DQs & Assignments( Latest Updated ) ACC – 291 Week 1
Discussion Question 1:
How would you describe the entries to record the disposition of accounts receivables?
What is their function?
Discussion Question 2:
How are bad debts accounted for under the direct write-off method?
What are the disadvantages of this method? Discussion Question 3:
[Please find an Annual Report from a company you want to use for the rest of the class. It can be your
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Discussion Question 3:
Would you rather buy a bond at a discount or a premium rate? Why?
What is the determining factor of whether a bond is sold at a discount, face, or premium?
What does your annual statement say about bonds?
Discussion Question 4:
How would you describe the accounting procedures for notes payable and accounts payable? • Individual Exercises: Individual Exercises E 9-1, E 9-12 , E 9-7,Problem P9-7B
• Individual WileyPLUS Assignment Exercise E8-3 , BE9-13, 9-4 , E9-9 , E9-10, Problem 9-5A
• ACC 291 Week 2 LT Reflection.docx ACC – 291 Week 3
Discussion Question 1:
Why does a company choose to form as a corporation?
What are the steps required to become a corporation?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of the corporate form of doing business? Discussion Question 2:
Why is preferred stock referred to as preferred?
What are some of the features added to preferred stock that make it more attractive to investors?
Would you select preferred stock or common stock as an investment? Why?
Provide stock details from your Annual Report.
Discussion Question 3:
What are the different types of dividends corporations may issue?
When should a corporation pay dividends? Do you prefer a stock dividend or a cash dividend? Why?
Did your Annual Report discuss or pay dividends? Discussion Question 4:
Why do corporations buy back their own stock?
What does it tell you about the

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