Acc 205 Complete Course Essay

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ACC 205 Complete Course
ACC 205 Complete Class Week 1 – 5 All Assignments
1. Basic concepts. Jean’s Marine Supply specializes in the sale of boating equipment and acces-sories. Identify the items that follow as an asset (A), liability (L), revenue (R), or expense (E) from the firm’s viewpoint.
a. The inventory of boating supplies owned by the company.
b. Monthly rental charges paid for store space.
c. A loan owed to Citizens Bank.
d. New computer equipment purchased to handle daily record keeping.
e. Daily sales made to customers.
f. Amounts due from customers.
g. Land owned by the company to be used as a future store site.
h. Weekly salaries paid to salespeople.
2. Basic computations. The following selected
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6: Received $800 from clients who were previously billed in item 4.
7: Paid $500 on account to the supplier of office furniture in item 3.
8: Received a $150 electric bill, to be paid next month.
9: Parker withdrew $600 from the business.
10: Received $250 in cash from clients for consulting services rendered.
a. Arrange the following asset, liability, and owner’s equity elements of the account¬ing equation: Cash, Accounts Receivable, Office Furniture, Van, Accounts Payable, Investments/Withdrawals, and Revenues/Expenses. (See Exhibit 5)
b. Record each transaction on a separate line. After all transactions have been recorded, compute the balance in each of the preceding items.
c. Answer the following questions for Parker.
(1) How much does the company owe to its creditors at month-end? On which financial statement(s) would this information be found?
(2) Did the company have a “good” month from an accounting viewpoint? Briefly explain.
5. Transaction analysis and statement preparation. The transactions that follow relate to Burton Enterprises for March 20X1, the company’s first month of activity.
3/1: Joanne Burton, the owner invested $20,000 into the business.
3/4: Performed $2,400 of services on account.
3/7: Acquired a small parcel of land by paying $6,000 cash.
3/12: Received $700 from a client, who was billed previously on March 4.
3/15: Paid $800 to the Journal Herald for advertising expense.
3/18: Acquired $9,000

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