Academic Dishonesty And The Public School System Essay

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When coming through the public school system, we often find that students are trying to find ways around actually doing the work, and as teachers (or future teachers in my case) we want to know what drives these students to the point where they can justify academic dishonestly. There are common associations with academic dishonesty students who work part time jobs, students who are only focused on college acceptance, and (at higher levels of education) students who are just simply not prepared. In today’s public school system students are being given the opportunity to justify academic dishonesty because they are overloaded with work, not being prepared Higher Level Education, and are being judged for college acceptance based off a number (otherwise known as their grade point average).
First let me start by giving background information on the school system. The average school in the US is on the 10-point grading scale. This grading scale means that an 90-100 is considered an A, 80-89 is considered a B, and so on until everything blow a 60 is considered failing. This recently changed in the state of South Carolina. These grades directly relate to a student’s Grade Point Average (or GPA for short). This differs than college, because the GPA is related to the letter grade and not the number grade. This means that when students are in high school.
When it comes to college acceptance, students are based off of three major criteria: SAT/ACT, GPA, and Class Rank. When a student…

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