Academic Argumentation : Obesity Is A Disease Essay

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Academic Argumentation: Obesity is a disease To be obese may mean different ideas to all types of people but at the end of the day all of the people in the world do not address this issue as well as we should be addressing it. As we continue to go to the monthly check-ups at the doctors and as these doctors may discuss patient’s weights, these patients brush it off as if it was nothing and immediately after wards get some fast food meals. Even though this is not fast food restaurants entire fault that in 1999 a study done by the U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that 30.5 percent of U.S adults were obese or overweight these people who are informed about their weight may or may not be the unlucky ones where obesity could be in their genes. (Mihelich, Max n.p) Now in 2013, one third of adults and 12.5 million children are all obese. (Holbrook, Emily n.p) Becoming obese is not a choice. Nobody wakes up every single morning thinking, “I am going to eat all these fast food meals because it is my choice to become obese”, nor do people say, “I am going to do something about my weight gain and go to the gym!” which is a completely different topic. Beside the point, obesity means to be overweight or lacking the health you should be having. As this issue is becoming more expanded we are having adults, dogs and young people to be informed with the sad news of the terrifying new disease called obesity. Sadly, everyone is affected once they leave out in public to see…

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