Academic Achievement Gap Between The Poorest And Wealthiest Children

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Tenure in the classroom “study after study has shown a yawning educational achievement gap between the poorest and wealthiest children in America” (Cohen, 2015). It becomes extremely difficult to fire that teacher who is guaranteed a job with three to seven years of experience. Parents seem to be dissatisfied with the current situation on the concept of whether or not teacher should be tenured in American schools. Reaching for a higher education is vanishing for students who know that they are in a chaotic environment, so many students are a victim of the system. Similarly, the achievement gap in education creates an imbalance among a variety of students in their academic performance. This mainly targets Africans Americans and Hispanic students who are struggling with grades, academic advising, high school standardized-test scores, college-completion, and among other success measures. Education reform is a key factor to achieve equal access to high quality-public education that plays a vital role in the economic issues of the United States. Therefore, it is essential to promotes equality of resource, improve the achievement gap, and question the teacher tenure.
Teachers show how the school has an insufficient amount of resources for diverse-needs students in America. First, many teachers acknowledge that schools are not preparing students for various requirements to aim higher after graduation. Moreover, public school systems shows 91 percent claims: “Resources to…

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