Essay on Abstinence Is The Only Option For Teens

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Many sexually active teens are not fully educated on the dangers of unprotected sex. Instead, they are told that abstinence is the only option for teens. This method of sexual education leads to more teen pregnancy over comprehensive sexual education. When comparing the abstinence only versus comprehensive sex education, comprehensive sex education was associated with a 50% lower teen pregnancy risk (“National”). In Illinois alone, 22,660 teenage women between the ages of fifteen and nineteen were pregnant in the year 2011. In that same year, there were 390 pregnant teens under the age of fifteen. In the United States total, there were 562,320 teen pregnancies in 2011 (“U.S.”). According to a survey of 4,000 seventh- to 12th-grade teachers by the Guttmacher Institute, 23 percent of sex education in the public schools the United States teach abstinence only. Although abstinence is important, it is clear that the coverage of contraceptive topics is also crucial in helping our youth prevent unplanned pregnancy and STDs.
The state of Illinois receives the sixth highest amount of abstinence until marriage funding in the country, while there is no funding for comprehensive education from the state (“State”). Comprehensive sex education not only teaches about “abstinence, but also contraception, including emergency contraception; reproductive choice; lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning issues; as well as, of course, anatomy; development; puberty; relationships; and…

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