Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely Analysis

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Quote - “Absolute power corrupts absolutely.” –Machiavelli
Absolute power corrupts absolutely this means more than the person with the power is corrupted everyone and thing is corrupted the people who gain power and those who lose power are corrupted but in different ways. When people gain power everyone is corrupted the people with the power, the people who lose power and the ones who are affected by the fallout. The nurse from cuckoo’s nest and the guards from the stanford experiment are corrupted by gaining power over others, the patients from cuckoo’s nest and the prisoners from the stanford experiment are corrupted by their loss of power and the staff and bystanders of both are corrupted by the conflict between the two.
When people
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The guards start off the experiment as normal people but they began to get into the role and the power corrupt them they began to psychologically torture the prisoner because they were in control and wanted to make sure that didn't change by putting the prisoners down and professor zimbardo let it continue bruce he was the mastermind behind everything and had the ultimate power over everyone and didn't want his experiment or control to end. Some of the other prisoners side with the guards and help them totre the other in order to impress them or gain some control of the own.
The Prisoners were also corrupted by loss of power they lose control and being to act out and revolt to keep control. The prisoners in cell block one block off there cell and disobey the guards orders and later on two students leave the experiment mid way because they lose all their power and can see what is happening is wrong so they are corrupted and resolve do thing they normally wouldn't in order to fight back against the guards and regain some control on their own

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