Abrahamic Religion In The Bible

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If we are wondering how we are all created, it 's likely we won 't all agree on one answer. Depending on who is asked the question, many stories are told about how the creation of man and world happened. In The Bible, we are given a creation story from the point of view of an Abrahamic Religion. Genesis 1 demonstrates how the main character, God, spends seven days carefully sculpting the world that we now live in (Gen 1). The story tells us everything from how light was created to how a human being was born. Judging by how things work in our world now, it 's highly likely that God planned this creation before he started and it took a long time before the world was fully created. Although the text clearly states it took seven days for …show more content…
I do not personally believe that the creation of humanity was random. I believe that God knew exactly what he was creating and knew exactly how he wanted it to function before he started to work on it. One of the first things God introduced was light (Gen 1:3.) Since there was no light before this, we can say that God did not need light, himself, and he was going to use this light for something else. Then a few days later God creates vegetation, without light, vegetation wouldn 't have the necessities it needs, to flourish (Gen 1:11). This need is proof from the text showing us God was prepared. If this was more random we could see a different story where God first creates vegetation and then realizes it isn 't growing, causing him to create light after. One last example on how ready God was is the creation of humans. To survive and grow strong, a human would need to eat. Although the human was created last, by the time he was walking he had everything ready for him. The mortal man had the light so he could see and food so he could eat. These examples show us that God didn 't wait till after to realize something else would be required, he knew what would be required first and had a set plan for

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